Dr. Williams and his staff have taken care of our dogs since 2006 when we relocated to the area. Absolutely love the care & attention given to them in their care. It's a comfort knowing your dog not only enjoys their visits to the Dr but also is happy and cared for when boarded. Awesome team!!

(Google, January 2018)

We bring our 2 cats here every year for their annual visit! Dr. Williams and his staff are always friendly and helpful. I am confident when I leave here that my pets have received the best care available. Thank you STAH staff!

(Facebook, February 2018)

Excellent care given to your pets. My cocker girl, Lady, walks right in with no fear. The Vets. and all staff are friendly, animal loving people.

(Facebook, April 2018)

Julie M

I love this vets office. The doctors and staff truly care about your furry family member and always make that extra effort. I've been with them for over 12 years and the top notch care and service have always been present. I would highly recommend this vet office!

(Yelp, July 2018)

Dania R

Without a doubt, the best veterinarians in the office. We absolutely love S.T.A.N. Every time we are in need, or just for check ups, they are amazingly helpful, which is exactly what we need for the furry members of our family.  Both doctors, and the staff are all very caring and professional, and they take their time with explanations and options. The office is clean, and very state of the art. We could not give a more positive review!

(Yelp, August 2018)

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Debbie Plybon

“Dr. Williams and staff are absolutely amazing! From the moment you enter their spotless office, you can feel this is a group of people who truly love animals and, to them, it is not just a job. I have had to take more than one of my pets to them when an unusual illness or injury needed attention and was always pleased with the results. The thoughtful follow-up confirms the type of people at Seminole Trails. I recommend them to anyone looking for a great Vet with an incredible staff.”

 (Google, March 9, 2017)

Linda Lacavelle

“My lost dog was hit by a car on Dec 26 after dark. The car that was behind the car that hit him picked him up and lovingly brought him to these wonderful people. I’m sure it was either closed or closing. He is 15+ years old -blind and deaf. Our family and neighbors were outside combing the area for him. My cell phone rang. Couldn’t believe my ears. They said, “we think we have Buddy.” They saved my dogs life and can’t be blessed enough to have such a wonderful Doctors and staff here at Seminole Trail animal hospital. Thank you and he is doing wonderful.”

 (Facebook, January 2017)

“I have had my boys to a couple of different offices Before but since I found STAH I have not taken them anywhere else! Nor will I! In addition to regular vet visits I also drop off our dog for boarding. Every experience with this office has been wonderful. From a simple boarding to dental procedure, I know that both my cat and dog are in the best hands! Dr Walker is their Dr, and she is just an amazing woman! I cannot urge anyone enough to visit her for their pet needs. Everyone on staff is so great with our pets and us. I had to recently schedule an emergency visit for my dog, and was very pleased at how quickly he could be seen and how concerned they were as well about him. A huge thank you to everyone at STAH from Ashley dealing with me going back and forth to try and schedule between my husband and I, to Dr Walker helping us figure out the cause of the “ouchies”, we love all of you! Keep up the great work!”

 (Facebook, August 21, 2017)

Danielle Schetrompf

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Alissa M

“We just had our sweet Lillipup’s first visit with Dr. Walker and her staff and everyone was wonderful! Dr. Walker was so kind and helpful and the staff is truly top notch! SO glad we picked the right vet! “

 (Facebook, January 2017)

Suzy H

“They have been our family since 2003. We love them!!!! Plain and simple they are the best and an integral part in our family’s health and happiness!!!”

 (via survey, 7/20/17)

Paula G

“It seems these last couple months there have been a lot of pop up things going on with my dog. Whenever I have come in or called last minute for an appointment, everyone has been wonderful in helping to accommodate my schedule. I could not ask for more than that and am truly appreciative. The front office staff are always friendly, very helpful and extremely patient with me. Especially when I was convinced that a product I was buying was not the prior product I had purchased before. They took the time, on a busy Saturday, to look at my account, explain things to me and never once, made me feel rushed. My dog looks forward to the visits every time we come. Thank you all!”

 (via survey, 7/15/17)

Tanya F

Suzanne L

“When I think about this office, I am so grateful for the concern that they held for me and my previous toy poodle, Penny, who died September 2015. Summer worked so hard to save Penny, who had a heart condition. I now trust your office with my toy poodle, Belle. When we adopted Belle, we went to a clinic closer to our home. That was a mistake and we have been back at your clinic ever since, for the last year. Little Belle turns 2 next month. Dr walker has seen her thru lots of gi problems and was so reassuring when Belle was so sick last summer. The staff has shown me so much compassion and they all remember Penny. We all refer to Belle as Penny sometimes and I think that is wonderful. The staff makes me feel Penny is not really gone. I treasure the staff that remember Penny so well. These toy breed dogs are so fragile that we need to treat them as human babies since they are just as helpless. Thank you to the Staff and Dr Walker for being my partner in keeping Belle happy.”

 (via survey, 7/11/17)

“Loved the literally “hands on” experience. We have been to several vets who gave our dog a cursory overlook, hardly running their hands on him at all. Barely listening to me, and not really answering my questions or addressing my concerns. Our latest visit with our now former vet resulted in us taking our dog to AVS who administered high cost tests that didn’t give us any information. Dr. Walker took time with us, really listened, and addressed my worries. I left confident that I understood what the medication was for and what was going on with our dog. She was down on the floor with the dog. The techs were wonderful with Casey (our dog) and he was comfortable with them, allowing them to do what they needed to do with only a little bit of mischief on his part. Teresa at the desk was SO helpful and took time to really help when I called. Plus, she asked me what if my collie was a sable. tri,… We’ve owned 2 collies, and NEVER had a vet office ask that! I am SO impressed. It’s a little thing, but it showed knowledge and made me feel better about coming to visit a new Dr.’s office. I’m really happy I took Casey to your office. Thank you!”

 (via survey, 7/28/17)

Debra Hugh Sam

“Very best vet dr Williams. Everyone on staff really cares about your pet and they are a great office to work with too. I refer all my friends because we love our animal children so much.”

 (Facebook, March 31, 2017)

Jenn McCarthy

“Everyone there is amazing and friendly. Dr. Walker and Dr. Williams are both top notch professionals who answered all and any questions I had with the utmost professionalism.”

 (Google, March  25, 2017)

Jenn DeFilippis

“What a great place to take your pet. The last vet I took our newly adopted rescue basically laughed at me when I asked questions on how to take care of such a sensitive dog….Dr. Walker not only made me feel comfortable, but answered all my questions professionally and with sensitivity. The entire staff has been awesome and very flexible with my new pup. Not to mention they make things very affordable. I went back for a follow up with Dr. Williams and he was just as professional and kind and also gave me great suggestions. I can’t imagine taking my dog anywhere else. Thank you!!!”

 (Facebook, March 17, 2017)

Katie W

I have been with STAH since I moved to the area 6 years ago. They take excellent care of my 17 and 2 year old kitties. Dr. Williams and Dr. Walker never make me feel rushed or pressured to take a certain treatment. They take their time to clearly explain all of the treatment options and let me make an educated decision about the care of my cats. I appreciate their genuineness and their staff are always friendly and helpful.

(Yelp, December 2017)

Great staff, excellent pet care, Max is always happy to vacation (board) there.

(Google, December 2017)

Amber Monaco

“Place was clean and everyone was super friendly and helpful. They were kind and gentle with my Toby boy and took their time with the exam and answering any questions I had. Thank you!”

 (Google, Nov 2017)

Katie Watson

“I am so thankful I found Seminole Trail with Dr. Williams and Dr. Walker. Both doctors are professional, kind, and compassionate. They take their time to clearly and reasonably explain all the options available without trying to sell you on the most expensive one. I have been going to their office for 6 years now and they and their staff have never failed to be supportive. They take wonderful care of my 17 year old and 2 year old cats!”

 (Facebook, 9/18/17)

Donna W

“As a new client I felt Dr. Walker was very knowledgeable and she explained everything clearly and concisely. I felt she and Toby (my elderly dog) bonded immediately. The entire staff was friendly, very professional and I felt very comfortable as soon as I walked through the door and extremely confident in the care Toby received. I feel I made the best choice for both my pet and myself. Thank you.”

 (via survey, 11/22/17)

Paisley M

“I cannot thank everyone there enough for the care and compassion you have shown to not just my cat, Malcolm, but also to me as a worried pet parent. I’ve had to move around the country a bit for work and have met a lot of vets. Dr. Walker is, by far, the friendliest, most personable, and trustworthy I’ve ever met, and every wonderful person I’ve met at Seminole Trail as part of the staff deserves a gold star (and big hug) for creating a welcoming, professional environment and for just being really, really nice! I’m so glad Malcolm and I found you!”

(via survey, 10/4/17)

Edward D

“We’ve been using your services for about 10 years and in all that time I can’t recall a time when we weren’t happy with the way Max comes home. I think he really enjoys visits to your office.”

 (via survey, 7/10/17)

Megan H

“I absolutely love bringing Lucky here! The entire staff is super friendly and helpful! Dr. Walker is amazing and patient! She listens to all of our concerns and gives us all the time we need to discuss anything we’d like to discuss. Thank you!”

 (via survey, 7/7/17)


“Vet is clean and staff is friendly. Dr. Walker and Dr. Williams are both fantastic vets.”

 (Google, April 28, 2017)

Jean O

“Everyone always goes above and beyond. On my last visit I forgot a video reflecting Lily’s symptoms. Dr. Walker said no problem and told me to text it to her later. I did and she was quick to call and offer advice. The staff is always very sweet to Lily and treat her kindly.”

 (via survey, 7/11/17)

Barbara E

“Gunny has been coming to see Dr. Williams ever since we adopted him probably close to eight years now. We have always been happy with the service we have received there. The staff is very friendly and helpful and Gunny responds well to Dr. Williams. Recently Gunny has been diagnosed with a nasty tumor that unfortunately was cancerous. Dr. Williams was very helpful and kind as he explained what our options were and how we could handle this condition. We followed his advice and now are hoping for the best. So far so good. Thank you Dr. Williams and Seminole Trail Animal Hospital staff.”

(via survey, 7/11/17)

Barbara M

“No problem scheduling an appointment, Dr Williams examined Charlie, took time to address all of my concerns, explain a therapy plan, and personally followed up on Charlie’s progress throughout his treatment. You can’t get much better care than that.”

(via survey, 7/10/17)

MJS, Winter Springs, FL

“Dr. Williams and his staff are the best. They took great care of our cat’s medical needs for several years and sent us a wonderful sympathy card with a heartfelt message from each staff member after he died. They really care! We always knew that Pony was safe and content when he boarded at Seminole Trail Animal Hospital. They loved him and showered him with attention, and Pony loved them back. He truly enjoyed spending time with his devoted caretakers at the hospital. We sincerely appreciate their professionalism, teamwork and compassion. We highly recommend Dr. Williams and his wonderful, caring staff. It is obvious that they love what they do and they focus on always doing what is best for their patients.”

(Yelp, 11/8/15)

Ron Honig

“The best, he is very caring and understands our English Bulldogs.”

(Facebook, Nov 2015)

Deborah M, Oviedo

“Our many pets have been Dr. Williams’s patients for so long that he almost feels like family. The staff always seem to know who I am as soon as I walk in the door, even when I don’t have an appointment. But when I think of the many things the practice does right, I go back to the very first time I came to the office. One of our cats, Jim, was in need of medical attention. When Dr. Williams first entered the exam room, he didn’t even make eye contact with me. He bee-lined straight to Jim, petted him, and said, “Hi there, handsome.” Then he looked up and greeted me and introduced himself. He put his entire focus on his patient – my beloved cat – before he focused on me and that’s the way it should be. He won my devotion at that moment.”

(Yelp, 10/2/15)


“The office is clean. The staff are friendly and professional. Dr. Williams is kind, professional and courteous. Dr. Williams treated my baby and called later to see how she was doing. It does not get much better than that.” 

 (Google, June 2016)

Angie Guy

“The entire staff is amazing and so friendly!! Thank you all so much for taking such good care of my 3 munchkins this past weekend!”

 (Facebook, 3/21/16)

Karen M

“I have used this animal hospital for over 12 years. Dr Williams and his staff are amazing. They are caring and compassionate. They take the time to explain options for treatments and make sure you understand to make educated decisions on treatment for your pets. I would recommend them as the best vet in town. I have driven over 20 miles to use them and wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

(Yelp, 12/13/15)

Erika Mortensen

“I should have said it many times before, but my vet, Dr. Paul Williams at Seminole Trail Animal Hospital, and all of his staff are awesome!!! It is not only his knowledge that makes him a great vet, but his compassion for his patients and their parents. You cannot fake that kind of caring and empathy. I’ve known quite a few veterinarians and Dr. Williams is hands down my favorite! It’s for these reasons that he has been my vet for 15 years. Thank you for being so kind and supportive through what has been a pretty horrible 10 months.”

 (Facebook, May 2015)

Tracy Plenzler

“The staff there is GREAT! So happy to take my kitty there.”

 (Facebook, April 2014)

Sabrina Parker

“Great vet! We have been with Dr. Williams for 13yrs. I know my dogs are in good hands with him.”

(Facebook, April 2014)

Carey Bond

“We love Dr. Williams and his staff. Everyone is so warm and compassionate. Dr. Williams always puts the best interest of our dog first. Even though Seminole Trail Animal Hospital is a drive for us we trust D. Williams so much we would not take Auggie anywhere else.”

 (Google, 10/5/15)

Shannon Carrig

“Amazing staff, always treat my pets like family and always very accommodating. I won’t take my pets anywhere else.”

 (Facebook, Sept 2015)

Lisa Mendez

“Dr. Williams is the best !! Very personable & realistic  been coming here for over 6 yrs.. Love him & his staff.”

 (Facebook, June 2015)

Susann B

“I love Dr. Williams and I trust his judgment entirely, please don’t ever change the honesty, fairness and professionalism.”

 (via survey,  9/27/17)

Steve C

“The service provided is excellent. Everyone is friendly and willing to help in any way possible. I like the way your office keeps customers informed of upcoming events, issues and changes. Nothing bad to say.”

(via survey, 9/9/17)

Russell P

“No complaints. The care shown to my pet is excellent. Dr Williams did a great job explaining what was happening to Bandit and the steps to be taken to get well. Showed compassion and called our home today checking on Bandits condition. Can’t ask for more.”

 (via survey, 9/6/17)